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I am coming to terms,
the terms that come,
I am older, my body does not do what I ask.
I wish for control and get a test of patience. I know it is a virtue, but it's a virtue I do not possess.
I think of myself as a failure for not having a body that can keep me healthy or make someone else.
It is my job as a woman to care for others then create others and care for them as well.
I do not seem to be passing on either exam.
I hate to fail. I hate to be left behind.
My heart is happy but it is also sad because I can't have what they have.
I don't get what they get
I do not do what they do.
I am not allowed what they take for granted.
I need to find my own happy, but it is so hard to find your happy,
When everyone else's happy looks so good.
I am coming to terms,
the terms of defeat,
I am older, my body will not do what I ask.
I am coming to terms.

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She had her babies!!!! Please check out her blog!

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I might be having a bad day(s)but I am hoping that Maggie is not. I hope her day is a great one because she's celebrating her birthday with her blondies and hopefully her lover and offspring as well.
She has declared today National Birthday of the Were-author so to commemorate her special day, I'd like to share some wolfy things and I think I'll go buy myself a book since she told me to.


Personal fave wolfyboy other than Sam-

And my fave wolfyman-

And my Sam-

Happy day of birth Miss Maggie :) Thanks for being you!

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Listening to this amazing angry rock playlist my girl Stace made for me. I wrote a pivotal fight scene between my MMC and his father.
Here's the wordle on it. I think it turned out awesome.

Wordle: Thorns2

Off to bed now.

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My NaNo is called Among the Thorns at the moment and here is who I picture in my head when the characters are talking to me :)

Henrik Engel

Isolde Hanke

Emmanuel Roth

Rivqah Roth

Yelena Basio

Josef, the soldier

Henrik's dad, Dr. Asa Engel

Henrik's mom, Nydia Engel

Zafi Grey, Isolde's Nursemaid

Isolde's father, Commandant Hanke

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If you don't exercise your right to vote, you forfeit your right to bitch.

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My NaNo count so far this first day is 3473! To celebrate I stole the idea to WORDLE my section from today. Thanks for the idea Angel!

Wordle: Thorns1
(I can't make it bigger so clicky please!)
I need a drink!

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I've got two hours til NaNo starts. Thought I'd talk about some of the things I did to prep.
One was finishing up to CH 25 of my WIP, Inamorata

I finished Anna and the French Kiss and wrote my review in a post below this one-

I've cleaned too!
If you know me, you know this is a big deal.

I'm also sitting on a bouncy ball to help my back.

I've cleaned out my email, explained to my readers that I will try to reply to them but I might not always get to them, but eventually will, and I've said goodbye to my husband and he knows I'll be not so much available!

And I'm relaxing to my straight transvestite boyfriend Eddie Izzard-

Cake or Death?!

I choose NaNo!
I'm leaving in 45 mins to go to my very first write-in for NaNo and I'll be up til at leasst one, then I'll be passing out then going to work and try to write on the sly. I would like to get at least 3K in the first 24 hours. Start strong!

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I need to vent.

1- I am still in my pajamas even though I need to be to work in 30 mins.
2- I don't want to read the rest of the Harry Potter series (3-200) partly because 2 wasn't good and partly because people who say "YOU MUST" make me wanna smack them and brings out my non-conformist.
3- I'm really stressed out.
4- I've slept about 10 hours in the past five days and it's making me stabby toward loved ones.
5- Seeing my husband's family interact, even on Facebook, makes me sad because my family hates me.
6- I'm addicted to twitter and my phone.
7- I really love my job but I don't do a whole lot most days, its easy work while teaching even if I deal with assholes on occasion. Just long hours.
8- I'm a bitch and when my friends talk about how they're getting together for fun, it makes me sad and cranky when I should be happy for them.
9- The more time I am away from teaching, the more I realize I might not be cut out for parenthood.
10- I am counting fanfiction toward my book read count and if you don't like it you can kiss my fucking ass.
11- I have a potty mouth today.
12- I am going to another city for training in a few hours and one of the people I'll be training knows my from HS and adopted me two ferrets, then I adopted them to someone else and she got mad at me... I don't know if she's over it. We'll find out in a few hours.
13- My friends with kids bug me when they make me buy stuff to raise funds... also I spend a lot on birthdays of my friends' kids. I mean a lot. I have no way to recoup those things since I have no kids and they don't spend their money on me since they have kids. See, I'm a bitch.
14- I get stabby when people don't use spell check or a beta.
15- I get really stabby when people have a beta, but don't thank them or use them properly.
16- I have four betas now. Two readers and two grammar betas. Nanna, Sarah, Jen, and Mel are my heroes.
17- I now have 20 mins to get to work and I'm still sitting on my couch in my pajamas.
18- I had the urge to kick my dog last night after she shit on the floor for the third time in 24 hours. I'll be taking her to the vet as soon as I get paid and have the time to take her since J won't. He says I'll yell at him if he doesn't ask the right questions. He's right.
19. I hate being a responsible grown up most days.
20. I think I'm done venting. Gonna go be a responsible grown up now. Happy Friday folks.

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Anna and the French KissAnna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shiver was my pick for best book of last year. I am thinking that Anna and the French Kiss is my 2010 pick. This story had everything. Really.
There were swoon-worthy moments. Sighing. Beautiful, not-perfect boys. Snarky, smart, sweet girls. Sighs. Stomach drops. Cheering. Yes... I cheered. I even squeed a little. I'm not ashamed.
My husband even mocked me for hugging the book after I wrote my note in it. Yeah, hugged it. That's how good it is.
This book had so many great moments and I can't think of anything I would change about it. It had me up and down and that's how I know it was good. It affected my emotions, for better and worse, it had me stuck to it; sneaking reads at my desk and in between teaching, dreaming of what would happen to Anna next, and it was just simply lovely.

Stephanie Perkins has a wonderful YA voice, but it's not immature. And thankfully, it's not contrived or condescending. Anna doesn't sound like a grown woman trying to sound like a teen girl. It's just Anna and her friends and her foes and Etienne'.
Ooooooh Etienne'. "He has an acute accent and a cute accent." *le sigh*

This book comes out in December and I HIGHLY encourage my girls to go get it. Order it now. Etienne' awaits!!!

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